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Q: Why does my Internet go out and cause me to reboot my modem?

A: Your ISP or Internet Service Provider, will tell you that needing to reboot your modem on a regular basis is an indication that something is wrong. Common problems that can will affect your service range from cut lines, someone digging and cutting a line, to routers that no longer route and modems that simply fail for one reason or another. It can also be your computer however, if rebooting your modem and or router fixes the problem it’s likely not your computer.


Q: Should my Satellite Dish be grounded?

A: National Electric Code requires that antennas, metal masting and cabling be grounded to the home’s ground rod. This is to reduce the risk of lightning strikes by reducing static electricity that builds up on the system. Idaho does not enforce this code, therefore, an install may be improperly or not grounded at all and no one would know.

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