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How smart is “smart technology” if you cant use it?

Smart Help for Smart Technology

Idaho is the perfect place to launch the Home Tech Agency. That is because Idahoans are community minded, smart, practical and they appreciate real value.

The Home Tech Agency provides value with smart, practical solutions that help people understand, use, manage, and maintain homes that are increasingly technical.

From Analog to Digital

People and homes are evolving digitally. Homes, in a way, have become a digital no man’s land, where no one wants the liability or responsibility for your homes mix of technology. There is little opportunity to learn, not enough technical support, and little chance that this all leads to a good technology experience. Why would anyone want that?


Millions of Americans will face steep learning curves with The Internet of Things, smart homes, and products. It is likely they will not use or enjoy any benefit or value for a lack of education. That is not very smart.

Education is a serious topic at the Home Tech Agency and it is a reason why Home Tech Agents volunteer time for educating senior citizens who are dealing with digital products and services.

Technical Support

In 1910 a light bulb was high tech and people didn’t need much technical support. Today, plug something in and it requires setup, configuration, and so on, you get the idea. The truth is, most people are doing things not supported by just one company and it becomes the homeowner’s responsibility and headache. Where are the smart solutions?


In a digital home environment, technology without information is like a car without the key you can not start it. Managing a digitally evolving home, its information, and systems, is a crucial practice for current and future owners. Shouldn’t there be smart solutions for smart technology?

The Home Tech Agency Advantage

The high-tech industry has managed to drop the ball on education and support for the home. This is where the Home Tech Agency has “picked up the ball.” We empower our clients to make informed decisions and get the most benefit when investing in their home. At Home Tech Agency, we provide leadership and solutions that our clients need and want. From management and education to technical support, we create better technology experiences.






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