Home Electronics: any standalone product that is purchased and used in the home i.e., TV’s, stereos, Bluetooth speakers, remote controls, etc…
Service Provider Devices: equipment or devices provide by Internet, Television and Telephone providers, i.e., Satellite Dishes, set top boxes, remotes, modems etc…
Structured Cabling Systemmade up of (3)components, Inside Wiring or outlets, Incoming Services or wiring for Internet, TV and Telephone and a Distribution Center or location where all wiring originates. The distribution center is usually an in-wall cabinet with electrical outlet and a cover. Some homes have more than one, I have attached an image below labeled, Structured Cabling. 
Audio Video Systems: usually a combination of equipment such as a home theater, whole home music system or wall mounted TV’s.
Home Networking: equipment typically employed may include, routers, switches, wireless controllers, wireless access points, extenders. This equipment is usually integrated with the Service Provider Devices to provide wired and wireless connectivity throughout home.
Security Systems: typically, a security alarm panel with wired or wireless sensors for doors, windows, motion and fire detection. Monitoring is done by third parties who dispatch police upon and alarm notification via a telephone, cellular or internet connection. Companies like ADT, and normally a monthly fee for equipment and service. Often over $50  a month.
Camera Systema camera system includes cameras and a recording device such as a DVR, digital video recorder, or a NVR network video recorder. The difference between the NVR and the DVR, is the DVR handles analog cameras, the older technology, and the NVR handles IP cameras, or network cameras, the newer technology. Most all cameras system today work with an app on the smartphone. 
Smart Devices: usually devices are referred to as consumer electronics. Usually these can be purchased directly from websites or the store. Think Ring Doorbell, Nest Thermostat etc…
Home Automation Systems:  usually a combination of software and equipment that is integrated to provide a single point of access, control and programming for systems like, security, cameras, audio systems, heating and cooling, lighting.

Note: There are still types of equipment and or devices that we provide, or that people can purchase that are not Smart, not networkable, they do not connect to the Internet or the home network. These devices are not Digital and they are referred to as, Analog.

Structured Cabling, at rough-in or, while the home is being built

Structured Cabling, at trim-out or, once the home is finished. Often the panels are left very messy by the builders' subcontractors. This is often because the subcontractor has limited experience in this field or, it was not a presold home. **These are not my jobs.**

Structured Cabling, the house is finished and the homeowner has moved in and services i.e., internet and tv are installed. Although every house is different as is the client, system range in scope and size and some things are the same at every house i.e. Inertent and Home Networks. **Here are panels from existing clients of mine.**