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Technology can be complicated. What you want is usually pretty simple. At Home Tech Agency we combine service, support, maintenance and education to help you control and manage your home technology systems, components and infrastructure: We will help you know.

Home Tech Agents can survey your residence to create our patented Home Note™. The Home Note captures all the relevant information regarding your home technology infrastructure, systems and devices. Upon the completion of the Home Note™ we will provide support for the structured cable, security, automation, audio/video distribution, home theater, IP device management and we’ll even help you manage your various service providers.

Our Mission: Help Home Owners be more resourceful, comfortable and capable with Home Technology. To provide solutions that serve to educate, manage and support the client’s evolution and use of technical services, systems and devices in and on the home.

Our Homes today are far more complicated, difficult and often frustrating than just a short time ago. Is it any wonder? We went from TV’s and telephones to specialized wiring systems, home theaters, distributed audio, computers, networks, security, automation and cameras systems. It seems every electronic device and or system is being controlled with software and connecting to the Internet.

Who will work for you to make certain you get the right stuff?

Who will help you use and maintain you stuff?

A Home Tech Agent………… That’s who!

We are champions for our clients, team players providing a better way for the marketplace to introduce user friendly, valuable and exciting new technology’s to Home Owners.

It starts with you. Call, text or email us, and we will arrange a time to come over and we will listen to your technical questions, problems and or needs. If we agree we are a good fit, then we take the next step to serve you with help and provide you the solutions you want. If we are not a good fit, our professional advice costs you nothing.

Our Mission is to provide Homeowners greater control, security and ease of access for the Home IoT environment.

Try us out! We’ll do our best to answer your question, solve your problem or meet your technical needs. And Our Advice is Always Free!

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